After every resolved customer service contact we send a feedback query for our customers. Customers may freely give feedback, including score (on scale 1 - 10) on how well did we manage to handle the problem.

So far for 2019 we have received 133 ratings, and our average score is 9.1/10. 60% of all feedbacks have given a perfect rating for our customer service! Notably we have been given credit for our fast responses, and our friendly staff.

Asiakaspalvelun arvosanojen jakauma

The graph shows that 60.2% of reviewers have given the perfect score. 25.6% have given the rating 9 / 10, etc.

We value your feedback

We have put much effort to develop our services and our customer experience in the past year, and feedback from our customers has been a huge help in the process. We continue the development to give our customers even better service for their buck in the future.


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