Webhotellit.com will merge with Domainhotelli on 24 May 2022, with our customers becoming Domainhotelli customers. Domainhotelli is Finland’s fastest-growing provider of domain names and shared hosting, known for its inexpensive domain names and user-friendly services. As a Domainhotelli customer, you get fi domains for just €9 per year, using the even larger disk spaces for hosting services.

Webhotellit.com and Domainhotelli both are services provided by Planeetta Internet Oy. Our staff will continue to provide you services as part of the Domainhotelli team.

Our customers’ services are updated on 24 May 2022

As a result of the merge, our customers’ services are updated to new services. The control panel and customer service will also be transferred to Domainhotelli.

As the services are updated, the contract terms and prices will also change. Domainhotelli terms and conditions will apply in the future. See here for more information about the services to be updated.

This transfer does not require any action from our customers, nor cause any service interrupts for websites or the operation of email accounts.

New orders can no longer be made on the Webhotellit.com website

No new customer accounts can be made after 19 April. When logged into the control panel, our customers can update their services, reserve domains or establish new hosting services. See here for service alternatives for orders made between 19 April and 24 May. After the merge, our customers can update services in Domainhotelli services normally.

Additional information about the merge

We will inform our customers by email as the merge date approaches and the service update is complete. Please also see the merge FAQ on this page.


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